How To Stretch Your Child’s Imagination With Egg!

Egg, a friendly alien with a keen sense of a child’s need for learning and adventure, is one of the main characters in the Spartan And The Green Egg book series and the catalyst for taking the kids on the adventure of a lifetime.

The beauty of Egg for the children reading the books is his intention: to excite and motivate the children to look outside their current state of knowledge and dare to consider a world outside their perception. In short, to stretch their imaginations in ways that allows them to dream about what the world can...

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Getting Your Child Excited About Charity: Children For Peace

In the spirit of Spartan And The Green Egg, The Children For Peace is a non-governmental organization that helps young people living in challenging circumstances obtain essential needs such as food, medical help and educational opportunities.

Their projects are 100% donation-based, and can be tracked by members of the Spartan And The Green Egg Community here. The Children For Peace provides an excellent opportunity for children to learn more about impoverished areas of the world and play an active role in watching groups make steady improvements, while supporting their causes virtually.

All donations they receive...

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Who Is Spartan? Three Reasons Your Child Needs To Become His Friend!

Spartan, the main character in the Spartan And The Green Egg book series, has some skills that your child who loves adventure can benefit from. His uncanny ability to lead his group of friends in a generous, loving way makes him the perfect example for your child to hone their own leadership skills after.

Here are Spartan’s three main leadership attributes your child can hook onto and establish for life within the books and by joining the Explorer’s Club:

1. Conservatively Curious

Spartan has a love for adventure, and dreams about creating new places to explore with his...

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