Are You Raising Spartan, Katie, Tor, or Max? 5 Essential Keys to Cultivate Your Child’s Unique Imagination

You’re already aware that children are born with unique personalities that develop very early on, but you may not know exactly how to support them since they are often completely the opposite of our own. In the Spartan And The Green Egg series, each character has a different personality that almost every child can identify with. Your child may be adventurous by nature, like Spartan, or they may be artistic and curious like Katie. Maybe your child is intellectual like Max or mechanically inclined like Tor. Or, they could be wildly imaginative enough to identify with Egg.


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Help Your Children Respect the Environment And Your Home! Three Simple, Yet Crucial Habit-Forming Steps To Take!


Let’s face it: teaching your kids to go green is great, but getting them to clean up after themselves and not to forget their underwear before walking out the door may come first on your secret priority list.  Yet there is a huge opportunity to teach our children how to become more conscious of the environment in the everyday actions they take by developing habits that will stay with them for a lifetime. Here are three dynamic yet simple action steps that will have them respecting their own home and personal development while forming...

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Is Your Adventurous Child More Than A Handful? Three Essential Steps Every Mom Can Take To Hone Their Passion!

Every child has a natural sense of adventure. As soon as your child learns how to walk they begin to explore the world around them in many ways, using all of their senses and depths of imagination.  Yet there are some children whose natural sense of adventure supersedes even your wildest imagination, creating games, imaginary friends and foreign lands within the terrain of their 100 square foot bedroom!  This special and active yearning for adventure may have you wondering how in the world you will be able to keep up with their adventurous needs!

Fear not: there are...

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