MOMS: A New Way Of Embracing The Moment (And One Essential Action You Will Love To Hear!)

Moms, now that  you have been practicing the art of breathing, meditation, and taking loving action without disrupting your daily routine, it’s now time for the final step in your new approach to your life and your child’s: Embracing The Moment.

As you move forward into the rest of the year, you have the chance to continue this practice in all you do. But when you get caught up in life’s unexpected challenges or feel you haven’t been able to practice enough, this week’s lesson will help nip those negative feelings in the bud. It goes like this:


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MOMS: Finding Time For A Break (And How This Will Help Your Child Respect You More!)

In Week 6 of our 7-Week New Year’s Challenge, we are looking at ways in which you can take all the work you have done to stop, pause, breathe, listen and take loving action to let it manifest in your daily routines until it becomes a habit.  The best way to do this is to now find time within your day to take a deliberate break from everything, and make absolutely no apologies for doing so.

When you take action in ways that is truly good for you and serves your highest self, regardless of what that may...

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MOMS: How To Persuade Your Child To Love Taking Action

We know that you are really in a flow now if you have been following the first 4 weeks of our 7 week New Year challenge.  But in case you are just joining us now, and for those who are already on board, here is a brief refresher of what we’ve covered these last 4 weeks:

Week 1: Breathing (the simple, rewarding way)

Week 2: Meditation (the seriously enjoyable way!)

Week 3: Listening (while conserving energy!)

Week 4: Contemplating (let your child show you how!)

And now in week 5...

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