Caring About Climate Change





If the weather in your area seems unusual or extreme at times, you can blame it on climate change. While our planet’s climate goes through natural changes over long periods of time, people are making things worse by burning fossil fuels. These changes are making the Earth warmer overall, which is causing quite a few problems. Climate change is an issue that affects everyone on the planet, so doing your part to help stop it is important.

How Are People Causing Climate Change?

People burn oil, gas and other fossil fuels for many reasons, such...

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Keeping Our Oceans Safe






You might have heard that a large amount of our planet is covered in water. In fact, 71 percent of it is! Most of that water is found in the earth’s oceans. The bad news is that our oceans are in trouble for a few reasons. The good news is that you can do something about it.

What’s Hurting Our Oceans?

Litter from land sometimes ends up in the water, and some people toss garbage right into the water. Litter can hurt the animals that live in the ocean. Some animals...

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Book 2 Has Arrived: The Reefs Of Mindoro Island (and a special offer for you!)

Extra! Extra! It has arrived, and the gang is going on a new adventure that will really knock your socks off!

Spartan And The Green Egg: The Reefs Of Mindoro Island is here, taking Spartan and his friends on an entirely new adventure of education, discovery and a world deep below the sea.

Share with us your desire to read the book and why in our comment section below. The first 10 people to share with us will receive a free book!

Just in time for Easter, this book is sure to keep your kids reading and in deep...

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How Child Wall Climbing Develops Better Writers

Does it sound such a far fetched idea? How can climbing walls make your child better at writing?

Dear moms, you have to remember that the muscles a writer needs to develop apart from his or her “brain muscles” are those of the hands. In order to write anything (on paper, sans electronic items!), you have to be able to learn how to grab and hold pens properly and confidently. Developing our children’s psychomotor skills in writing does not have to be limited to holding pens and crayons and asking them to draw or copy letters on sheets of paper.

Take your children...

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Tracking Your Child’s Exercise Routine Builds Self-Esteem, and Math Skills Too!

Spartan and his friends take an amazing trip to the Rainforest with their friend Egg, the friendly alien who guides them on their second adventure in Book 2 of the series. This time around, the group is more practiced, less frightened and more open to the adventure that awaits them in this far area of the world.

They say practice makes perfect. But, the truth is, practice makes permanent. This holds really true most especially in the character, attitude, and aptitude that we will develop in our kids while they are at that age...

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