Raising World Citizens: In Conversation With A World-Traveling Mom

Aimee Thompson is a mom, blogger, freelance writer, communications consultant and world traveler who we were honored to have a chance talk with. She truly sets the bar for those moms who want to travel more with their children, and shares some of her secrets for making travel one of the best experiences to have with your children. We are thrilled to share her delightful and insightful conversation…

Your blog is so well written, and full of such valuable tips on how to create an adventurous life with your children. Can you talk a little about what prompted...

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5 Ways Puzzles Improve Childhood Development

Puzzles are not just colorful toys, they are actually great tools for your kids’ development. Here are some great advantages of puzzles and how they are one of your child’s greatest learning tools.

1. Eye-Hand Coordination.

In solving puzzles, a child gets to enhance his ability to coordinate what he sees with what his mind wants him to do, and what his hands should accomplish. Puzzles are a great way to train and exercise this skill, and at the same time, learning to do things on his own.

2. Fine Motor Ability

Puzzles are also a great fun...

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