What In The World Is The Taj Mahal?

Ever wonder what the Taj Mahal is, or why it's so important to India? Well, there's a deeper, more powerful story behind it than you may realize, especially if you're around Spartan's age! So let's look at how we can travel there together through this amazing story of love... So let's look at how we can travel there together through this amazing story of love... The Taj Mahal is located in Agra, in India, and is considered worldwide to be one of the seven wonders of the world. Made of white marble, this large castle-like structure on the Yamuna river. For all its beauty, however, it was built out of sorrow and grief by the Shaah Jahan after the death of his wife. Find out why this grand building is called the ‘crown of palaces’.

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5 FUN Ways To Teach Your Children About The Environment

It’s never too early to be imparting on our children how to take care of the environment. Baby steps are the best way to begin. Here are five simple, FUN lessons you can teach your children on how to help Mother Nature, starting right now:

1. Learn to conserve water

Water is one of the most valuable natural resources that we can all benefit from building a greater consciousness around. Simple steps such as turning off the faucet when brushing teeth can go a big way in creating awareness and curiosity in our children. Whenever they see a dripping faucet,...

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3 Ways Stickers Can Be Rewarding And Educational For Your Child

Some people have been questioning if stickers are good for children, if using them as a way for positive reinforcement and motivation is the correct way. From how I see it, here are three good reasons why stickers may actually be helpful to parents.

First, in terms of reward system, stickers are very much convenient and affordable. They are also the least questionable, as stickers are much more harmless compared to little toys, candies, or trinkets. Parents and teachers can easily buy them in bulk, too.

Secondly, stickers give kids something to exciting look forward to....

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Are You Raising Spartan, Katie, Tor, or Max? 5 Essential Keys to Cultivate Your Child’s Unique Imagination

You’re already aware that children are born with unique personalities that develop very early on, but you may not know exactly how to support them since they are often completely the opposite of our own. In the Spartan And The Green Egg series, each character has a different personality that almost every child can identify with. Your child may be adventurous by nature, like Spartan, or they may be artistic and curious like Katie. Maybe your child is intellectual like Max or mechanically inclined like Tor. Or, they could be wildly imaginative enough to identify with Egg.


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Help Your Children Respect the Environment And Your Home! Three Simple, Yet Crucial Habit-Forming Steps To Take!


Let’s face it: teaching your kids to go green is great, but getting them to clean up after themselves and not to forget their underwear before walking out the door may come first on your secret priority list.  Yet there is a huge opportunity to teach our children how to become more conscious of the environment in the everyday actions they take by developing habits that will stay with them for a lifetime. Here are three dynamic yet simple action steps that will have them respecting their own home and personal development while forming...

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