5 FUN Ways To Teach Your Children About The Environment

It’s never too early to be imparting on our children how to take care of the environment. Baby steps are the best way to begin. Here are five simple, FUN lessons you can teach your children on how to help Mother Nature, starting right now:

1. Learn to conserve water

Water is one of the most valuable natural resources that we can all benefit from building a greater consciousness around. Simple steps such as turning off the faucet when brushing teeth can go a big way in creating awareness and curiosity in our children. Whenever they see a dripping faucet,...

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3 Ways Stickers Can Be Rewarding And Educational For Your Child

Some people have been questioning if stickers are good for children, if using them as a way for positive reinforcement and motivation is the correct way. From how I see it, here are three good reasons why stickers may actually be helpful to parents.

First, in terms of reward system, stickers are very much convenient and affordable. They are also the least questionable, as stickers are much more harmless compared to little toys, candies, or trinkets. Parents and teachers can easily buy them in bulk, too.

Secondly, stickers give kids something to exciting look forward to....

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