Learn About Subways

Subways help lots of people travel to urban and suburban areas across the country. A subway system typically operates in an underground part of town, sometimes right underneath city streets. Some subway systems take shortcuts in other places around a city. Others might pass underneath rivers! Parts of an underground subway can rise to the surface and change into a typical above ground railway system. Subway trains contain a number of cars that run along the underground railway. Subways go by other names like the underground railway system, a rapid transit system, metro, or even the tube!


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Exploring South America Through Food

South American culture has been influenced by several different populations, including indigenous people, Asian immigrants, and European settlers, which has created a variety of cuisines that use both native foods and elements from other cultures. While you’ll find basic types of foods that you are already familiar with, such as potatoes and corn, you’ll also come across exotic fruits and other foods that thrive in tropical climates, like papaya and passion fruit.

Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia Have you heard of quinoa? This healthy grain comes from the northwestern part of South America. And if you like potatoes, then you’ll...

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Let’s Explore the Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world. It separates Asia and Australia from North and South America. The majority of the fish we eat come from the Pacific Ocean, which has many different fish, plant, and animal species living in its deep waters. Let’s explore the Pacific Ocean and its natural wonders.

How Big the Pacific Ocean Is

The Pacific Ocean spans 65,436,200 square miles. It is so big that all seven of the world’s continents could fit in it. Over 30 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by it. The average water depth of...

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Learn About Bikes

One of the world’s most popular ways to travel is by riding a bicycle. Around the world, more people ride bikes than drive cars! Bikes also save more energy than other vehicles such as cars and buses. Bikes help riders save their energy as they ride.

Bikes are not only for travel. People use bikes in races, during exercise, and for recreation to ride through much of the world’s wide-open spaces. You’ll find that bikes exist in many different shapes and styles. Road bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes, and other hardy bikes, are among the common bikes in the...

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