Learn About The Moon

  The Wonders of the Moon  

A famous poet named John Keats wrote a poem that included the moon. It because so popular that it has lasted hundreds of years. The poem tells the story of a shepherd-prince from Greek mythology who was loved by the Titan moon goddess, Selene. One of the lines from the poem says: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” The moon or “Luna” is actually a satellite that orbits the planet Earth and is the fifth largest natural satellite in the entire solar system. But what you may...

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Learn About Buses


Buses take people to many locations every single day. A bus typically pulls up to a stop, picks up people, and takes them to their chosen location,  where they are later dropped off. For this reason, buses are considered a very safe and easy way to travel for many people. Not only do adults use buses, but kids also rely on buses to  take them to and from school.



About the School Bus

You can’t talk about buses without mentioning the school bus! School buses are famous for their bright yellow color....

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Weird Ocean Facts You Might Not Know

The world’s oceans are strange and beautiful bodies of water. People love to travel on them and even dive down into them. But most people don’t really know much about the secrets that are hidden in the oceans. Here are some weird ocean facts you might not know that will make you love oceans even more.

The Oceans Give Us Life

We all know that a lot of the food we eat comes from the ocean, but did you know that the air we breathe comes from the ocean too? More than half of it does. Not only that, but...

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