Exploring Africa Through Food

Foods in Africa vary widely, thanks to the many different cultures that call this continent home. While rice and porridge are commonly found in many African dishes, others use a variety of spices and seasonings that are native to the region or adopted from other parts of the world. You can learn quite a bit about African cultures by studying the types of foods people eat on a regular basis.

Northern Africa

The northern part of Africa is mainly known for couscous, a type of pasta made from semolina. People in this region typically add meat and vegetables to...

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Learn About Commercial Transport Rockets

When we imagine rockets, we think of tall,thin vehicles with futuristic shapes. We also think about the kinds of rockets that go into space. The word rocket also describes a type of engine. Rocket engines power vehicles that use rockets to move. In the future, rockets could work like buses and trains do today. Could we depend on rockets to travel around the world one day? What about into space? That’s what many people are exploring today.


One day, commercial transport rockets could become a reality for all of us. We are still years off from having rockets taking...

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Insects Eaten Throughout the World

Entomophagy” is the act of eating insects and is incredibly common throughout the world, even in the United States. People have been eating bugs, their larvae, eggs, and pupae since prehistoric times. We often think that people around the world eat insects for survival where other food is scarce, but it’s also a source of protein and, even in first world countries, can be a popular snack for many. Crickets with spices are a crunchy treat that can be devoured like popcorn while beetles are also commonly eaten just about everywhere around the world. It’s been said that...

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