The Oldest Things On Earth (Part 1)

Some of the Oldest Living Things on Earth (Plants and Animals)

(Spartan and the Green Egg Explorer Sticker: Methuselah Pine)

The Methuselah Pine—located in the White Mountains of California—is literally thousands of years old (around five thousand to be exact). The name “Methuselah” comes from the oldest figure in the Bible (it is said that he lived to the ripe old age of 969). “Methuselah Grove” (in the Inyo National Forest) was named after the infamous tree. To learn more about this amazing tree and one of the oldest living organisms on earth, collect Spartan and...

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How To Do Road Trips With Kids

Planning, Prep, and Packing: How to De-Stress Travel with Kids


The open road is calling, and you’ve got a wonderful family destination in mind for your vacation together. There’s only one challenge between here and there: the child or children riding in the backseat. If you love the idea of a family getaway but feel your shoulders tensing up thinking of the boredom, potty breaks, and potential sibling rivalry inside the car, you need a plan.

When heading out for a family trip, there’s a lot of temptation to pack as if you’re on the run: cramming...

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Mayan Ruins In Tulum, Mexico

(Photo: Tulum, Mexico,

Who were the Mayans?

The Mayans or “Maya” were a group of peoples indigenous to Mexico and Central America. They inhabited what is now known as modern-day Yucatán (as well as other parts of Mexico) southward through Guatemala and El Salvador (to name a few countries). The Maya Civilization was cultivated as far back as 7000-2000 BCE. The history of Mesoamerica and its many periods throughout time is vast and quite impressive. The Mayans are known for their building of great pyramids as well as their belief system, where everything is cyclical.


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