Halloween: Origins And Traditions

All Hallows Eve

Halloween is synonymous with children dressing up in fun, frightful costumes, gathering a haul of sweets while Trick-or-Treating, carving spooky Jack-o’-lanterns, bobbing for apples, haunted houses, and maybe catching sight of a witch flying through the night sky on her broom!

It’s a time for the celebration of the macabre: of ghouls and goblins, of sitting around a fire telling ghost stories, of watching scary movies and shouting “Boo!” to passersby as the falling leaves blow hither and thither on the misty evening breeze.

So, why exactly does Halloween have these connotations, and where does...

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Awaken Your Curiosity: The Wonder Of Caves

Marble Caverns of Carrera Lake, Chile

Carved into the Patagonian Andes, the “Cuevas de Mármol” (as the locals call them) or “The Marble Caverns are made entirely out of different colored marble.” Created over several thousand years from the nearby waves causing erosion, “the swirling blue of the cavern walls are a reflection of the lake’s azure waters.” With other shades of eye-popping color (such as white, gray, blue, and even pink), the caves change color depending on the time of year and water levels. The shades of blue intensify and, between the months of September and...

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