Our Favourite Fictitious Haunted Houses

There’s nothing better than a good ghost story complete with the quintessential haunted mansion filled with shadowy corridors, damp cellars, creaky staircases, and nothing but candlelight to penetrate pitch-black darkness. Here are some of our favorite haunted houses from fiction (suitable for adolescents and adults alike) and a very special Spartan and the Green Egg destination.

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Best Bugs To Catch

With millions of species, insects make up 80 percent of all animal life. Here's where to find 6 of the world's weirdest, most unique bugs.

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Poetry To Instill A Love Of Nature

Reading poetry to your children is instructive as well as meditative. In this technology-consumed world, we all need to sit quietly while observing nature and instilling a love of and appreciation for our natural surroundings.

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