5 FUN Ways To Teach Your Children About The Environment


It’s never too early to be imparting on our children how to take care of the environment. Baby steps are the best way to begin. Here are five simple, FUN lessons you can teach your children on how to help Mother Nature, starting right now:

1. Learn to conserve water

Water is one of the most valuable natural resources that we can all benefit from building a greater consciousness around. Simple steps such as turning off the faucet when brushing teeth can go a big way in creating awareness and curiosity in our children. Whenever they see a dripping faucet, make sure they turn it off completely. And whenever they see a leak in any of the faucets, make sure to report it to someone immediately. Teach them the value of water and that every drop counts.

2. Save electricity

Electricity is also another resource that needs to be saved, as it is one of the utilities being paid monthly. To do this, one can start with switching off the lights when not in use. Remember to turn off the switch when one leaves the room. At the same time, encourage your children to use natural sunlight as much as possible. In terms of air conditioning, have them make sure all doors are closed at all times so that the cold air cannot escape, and warm air will not go in.

3. Learn to reuse and recycle

It’s good to have kids start early on segregating trash. Usually those reusable and recyclable items should be kept in a separate container, and kids must be taught about the concept of recycling. Explaining to them the reason why we should avoid using plastic bags, and using recyclable containers instead, especially for their lunch boxes in school, can build their knowledge quickly and effectively.

4. Walk or Bike

In order to cut on air pollution, instead of using the car, why not teach them how to walk or bike in going  short distances. This is a great way to exercise and bond with loved ones and friends as well.

5. Let your kids experience nature

Instead of giving expensive toys for gifts, try giving them “experience gifts” – take them out for a hike or a mountain picnic, or to the beach, or to a zoo. Let the kids feel, see, hear, and smell nature for themselves, not just through books or the TV or the internet. They will learn to care more for the environment the more they have great first-hand experience with it.

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