5 Ways to Fight Air Pollution

Air Pollution
The air around you probably isn’t something you think about a lot, but it can affect your health and the health of our environment. When people burn gas and other fossil fuels to heat their homes, drive their cars or use electricity, the air becomes polluted with harmful gases and particles. Air pollution is an ongoing problem that is damaging our environment. It can also make people cough, have watery eyes or develop other health issues. Thankfully, you can help fight air pollution in several ways.

Walk or Ride a Bike

Instead of having your parents drive you places, walk or ride a bike if possible. This cuts down on the amount of carbon dioxide your parents’ car gives off, which helps reduce air pollution. Encourage your family members to walk or ride bikes instead of driving cars whenever possible. Taking public transportation is another option.

Plant Trees

Trees play a big role in fighting air pollution. Their leaves and bark absorb pollutants, which helps clean the air. Talk to your parents about planting a few trees on your property to cut down on air pollution in your area. Your parents can suggest which trees to plant and where they should go. Having trees around can also help lower your family’s energy use. Trees help prevent the sun’s rays from making your home hotter in summer. In winter, trees can help your home stay warmer by blocking cold winds.

Lower Your Energy Use

Your local electric company burns fossil fuels in order to produce electricity, which results in more air pollution. You can lower the amount of energy needed in your home by reducing how much you use. Don’t leave lights on when you leave a room, and turn off electronics when you’re done with them. Talk to your parents about changing to CFL bulbs, which use less energy than other bulbs.


When you recycle plastic, paper and other materials, they’re used to make other items. This process requires less energy than the amount needed to make brand new items, which leads to less air pollution. Another way to help is by purchasing goods made from recycled materials rather than new materials.

Share What You’ve Learned

Talk to your friends and family members about the dangers of air pollution, and let them know how they can help fight this problem. You can also share what you’ve learned with your teacher and fellow students, so they can do something about air pollution, too.

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