5 Ways To Help Animals

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A big part of protecting our planet is making sure that it’s a good home for the animals we share it with. Animals both near and far need your help with this. From endangered species around the world to local wildlife in your neighborhood, there’s a lot you can do to help protect them.

Walk on the Wild Side

Wildlife refuges and reserves give animals a safe and protected place to live. They also give you the chance to see and appreciate these animals. Ask your parents to take you to a wildlife refuge or reserve that’s near you. You might even be able to go on a guided tour to learn more about the species that live there. National and local parks are another great place to see wildlife.

Be a Recycling Superstar

Make sure you and your family recycle paper products instead of throwing them in the garbage. When you recycle paper, it means that fewer trees need to be cut down to make more paper products. That means you’re protecting the homes of birds, squirrels and other animals that live in trees.

Zip Over to the Zoo

Many zoos are working on protecting endangered species from all different parts of the world. They do this by taking steps to stop these species from going extinct. They also help people become more aware of which species are endangered and why they’re endangered. When you visit a zoo near you, read the information about the animals posted near each exhibit. You can also ask a zookeeper about how the zoo is helping endangered species. You can then help raise awareness of these species by telling your friends, relatives and teachers about what you’ve learned.

Put It in Writing

Do you have a favorite animal species that is endangered? If you’re interested in helping them out, learn all you can about them by reading books and finding information online. Once you know what threats they’re facing, you can write to lawmakers about your concerns. Ask your parents to help you find out which senators or representatives to send your letter to. These lawmakers can help create laws that protect endangered species and the habitats they live in.

Get Involved by Volunteering

If you want to do even more to help local wildlife or endangered species, look for ways to volunteer. Some national parks and refuges have programs that let kids help keep these areas clean and safe for the animals that live there. Many zoos and wildlife organizations that work on helping endangered species have different ways for kids to help out.


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