Spartan & The Green Egg

The missions of this talented team are to gain and share knowledge of their amazing discoveries. Using the power of their minds, they made contact with a race of alien explorers, who communicate with them through a friendly egg-shaped spaceship being called Egg. Along with providing transport for their expeditions, Egg has also helped to make things even more exciting through the use of alien technology and cool gadgets.

  • Egg

    An egg-shaped alien being, he allows the group to ‘travel the world’ by transforming into a spaceship. Using his mysterious powers, he stretches their imagination as they face challenges and learn about the world. 

  • Spartan

    Always up for an adventure, young Spartan’s thirst for knowledge and vivid imagination are exactly what is needed to guide the group. His enthusiastic, dynamic nature make him an ideal leader that the others can look up to. Brave and resourceful, he is also an expert at solving problems. 

  • Grimm

    Spartan’s dog and most loyal companion. Curious and devoted, with his own funny personality. Spartan was very young when he rescued Grimm the abandoned puppy – from a trash can. They’ve been best friends ever since. 

  • Katie

    The team tomboy, Katie is a true individual, ready to take on any challenge and have as much fun as possible. Quirky and smart, she can certainly hold her own with the boys. Katie is a gifted, visual artist who can create, draw, paint and make … almost anything!

  • Max

    Max is an old head on young shoulders—a professor in the making. He has the ability to retain and analyze information and is particularly good with research and computers. Unlike Tor, he is fastidiously neat and tidy. 

  • Tor

    As lovable as he is messy and lazy, Tor is a valuable member of the group. He excels at anything technical—engineering, building, machinery—basically, anything complicated!

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