Angry Weather

Angry weather is also sometimes called severe weather. It happens in nature often. In fact, there are parts of the world where bad weather seasons happen every year. One place that happens is in the southern United States. States like Florida and Louisiana go through hurricane season each year. 

Tornadoes, dust storms, and blizzards are other types of angry weather. It is important to know about those types of storms. That way, you can stay safe when they happen. You can also read about angry weather events from years ago if you love history. It can teach you how bad weather changed people and places. Here are some angry weather events from history to get you started. 

A picture showing a orbital shot of a hurricane over the ocean.

The Galveston Hurricane

A hurricane is a big rainstorm that also comes with strong winds. The winds swirl around in a circle as the hurricane moves. Hurricanes start over water, but they can move onto land. Today, weather experts can track hurricanes. Then they can warn people to get to safe places early before the hurricanes hit. That was not always true, though. Sometimes our ancestors were surprised by hurricanes.

One of the most famous hurricanes struck Galveston, Texas. It happened on September 8, 1900. Before the hurricane, Galveston was one of the most popular Texas cities. After, most of the buildings were destroyed. People later rebuilt in Galveston, but Houston, Texas, became more popular in the meantime. Today, Houston is still one of the biggest Texas cities. 

The Dust Bowl

Another historic storm was the Dust Bowl. When there is no rain for a long time, everything gets very dry. That is called a drought. Then windy storms come through. They swirl a lot of sand and dirt into the air. Back in the 1930s, there were wide-open spaces in states like Kansas, Texas, and Colorado. They were part of the Dust Bowl. That was an area where those wind and sandstorms happened often. When those storms came through, they caused a lot of problems for farmers. Crops were destroyed, so some farmers lost a lot of money. Some even lost their farms. 

Today, dust storms still happen in some parts of the United States sometimes. They are just not as big. The states in the Dust Bowl have higher populations now. Construction has made the wide-open spaces smaller. That gives big dust storms less of a chance to form.

The Blizzard of ’78

The Blizzard of ’78 was a huge snowstorm that struck New England. It started on February 5, 1978, and ended on February 7. In Boston, Massachusetts, 27.1 inches of snow fell during the storm. 

A person walking on a snowy road during a blizzard.

The storm came as a surprise to many people. In fact, some people had to spend days in their cars trapped on roads. It stopped airplanes and all other forms of travel in most New England states for days. Many people were also trapped in the buildings where they worked or in their homes. Power outages and flooding along the coast also caused problems, but most people survived the storm. Today, people are more ready for blizzards because experts learned from the Blizzard of ’78.

The 1974 Tanner, Alabama Tornadoes

A tornado is a swirling air column connected to a thunderstorm. Sometimes, it creates a funnel-shaped cloud you can see. As it moves, it picks up items in its path, like trees and road signs. Strong tornadoes can even pick up cars or roofs of houses. Tornado strength is measured using a scale. An F1 is mild, and an F5 is very strong.

Some people travel to find excitement, but sometimes the excitement comes to them instead. That is what happened to the people who lived in Tanner, Alabama, in 1974. They got an exciting shock when two F5 tornadoes hit near their town 30 minutes apart. The tornadoes caused a lot of damage, and many people were killed. Some of those who survived resettled the area, but many moved away. Two tornadoes hitting in the same spot is an angry weather event that almost never happens. Both being F5 tornadoes created a weather event that put the town of Tanner permanently in the record books.


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