Otherworldly, Celestial Sights

Are you interested in outer space, other planets, and, possibly, extraterrestrial life? What about the stars, moon, and sun? There are lots of sights to behold this year, and new, exciting discoveries are arising every day! 

Ice volcanoes on Pluto; “Signs of cryovolcanic activity on the dwarf planet in the recent geological past must be driven by an underground body of water, a study suggests.” According to the New York Times and a NASA spacecraft that was sent to outer space, there are ice volcanoes on Pluto! Instead of molten lava, these mountains emit ice. Pluto…

The Cliff-Top Meteora Monasteries

The Monasteries of Meteora seem suspended in the air on top of cliffs high above the plains of Central Greece.

Find Out About Water Supplies

Do you get your water from a faucet? Discover how your water gets to you and what other ways people around the world use to get water.