The Amazing Azores 

(Flores, an island in the Azores:

Located in Portugal, the Azores are an archipelago in the mid-Atlantic. They are a series of islands (three of which have been designated as biospheres by UNESCO) known for their underwater mountains, volcanoes (mostly dormant), grottoes, caverns, hot springs, lakes, green pastures, and forests. This is truly a land of extremes and a dream destination! The Azores are known for their amazing wildlife and sheer beauty. One of the most common activities on the islands is whale watching. Some of the most common whales to spot are sperm, mink,…


Otherworldly, Celestial Sights

Are you interested in outer space, other planets, and, possibly, extraterrestrial life? What about the stars, moon, and sun? There are lots of sights to behold this year, and new, exciting discoveries are arising every day! 

Ice volcanoes on Pluto; “Signs of cryovolcanic activity on the dwarf planet in the recent geological past must be driven by an underground body of water, a study suggests.” According to the New York Times and a NASA spacecraft that was sent to outer space, there are ice volcanoes on Pluto! Instead of molten lava, these mountains emit ice. Pluto…


Angry weather is also sometimes called severe weather. It happens in nature often. In fact, there are parts of the world where bad weather seasons happen every year. One place that happens is in the southern United States. States like Florida and Louisiana go through hurricane season each year. 

Tornadoes, dust storms, and blizzards are other types of angry weather. It is important to know about those types of storms. That way, you can stay safe when they happen. You can also read about angry weather events from years ago if you love history. It can teach you how…