Let’s Explore the Antarctic Ocean

The Antarctic Ocean, which is also known as the Southern Ocean, surrounds the continent of Antarctica near the South Pole. It is the only ocean that completely surrounds a continent, but there are also many other things that make it special. Let’s explore some of the Antarctic Ocean’s special secrets. The Antarctic Ocean’s Strange Formation and Naming One thing that makes the Antarctic Ocean special is its age. It is the youngest of all the Earth’s oceans. Scientists say it is only about 30 million years old. It formed when South America split off from the continent of Antarctica....

Learning About Other Cultures

Learning About Other Cultures While Traveling

Do you have a trip or family vacation coming up? If you’ll be traveling to another country, you’ll have the perfect chance to learn all about the local culture. While it might be easy to find fast food places or other familiar restaurants in other countries, eating at these places won’t really teach you anything about the people who live in that area. Besides, you already know what to expect from these restaurants. Take the opportunity to try something new, and enjoy restaurants that serve local foods instead.


Check Out New Foods


Keep Our Oceans Clean

Over the years, human beings have polluted the world’s oceans and beaches quite a bit. We have also caused changes to the ocean food chains by fishing some species to extinction or endangerment. But we need our oceans, and it’s important that we work hard to keep them clean and make them healthy again. Here are some things you can do to help protect the ocean.


Remember Where the Water Goes

One of the biggest things you can do to keep the ocean clean is remember where the water goes, especially if your house is connected to a...