Explore Scotland: Lighthouses, Castles, Fortresses And Ancient Villages!

My Heart is in the Highlands!

Scotland is known for its rolling green hills and mountain ranges, highlands, lowlands, castles, ancient ruins, fortresses, lochs (lakes) such as its most famous Loch Ness, and glens (or valleys). When one thinks of castles, we think of fairytales with kings and queens, princes and princesses. We think of medieval times, ancient history, and maybe even an underwater monster!

Castles Edinburgh Castle sits on top of Castle Rock (which is actually the remains of an erupted volcano) and is truly a sight to behold. It has been occupied by…

Learn About Egypt

        Learn MORE About the Pyramids of Egypt

What is square on the bottom, has four sides, and four triangles that come together in a point at the top? A pyramid of course! Most people think that pyramids were only built by the Egyptians, but actually they were built by many different groups of people throughout history. But the Egyptians took the art of pyramid building to new heights, building them bigger and stronger. To this day, nearly all of the pyramids that have stood the test of time are located in Egypt.

Fun Facts about…

Where To See The World’s Fastest Animals!


The World’s Fastest Land Animals

The Cheetah is the world’s fastest land mammal; it runs more quickly than any other creature and can reach speeds up to sixty miles per hour in about three seconds! A cheetah usually sprints after its prey and can run as fast as seventy-five miles per hour. The animal exerts a lot of energy in a short amount of time: not only does it move at alarmingly fast speeds but is very nimble, agile, and has terrific eyesight. Cheetahs live mostly in Africa (and a few can be found in parts of…