Unusual and Usable Items That Come from the Sea


The sea provides people with a lot of food. Our oceans are full of fish, lobsters, crabs, and other edible goodies. But what about some of the more unusual things that come from the sea? There are actually a lot of items from the world’s oceans that are used by humans every day for things besides food. Here’s a quick list of some of the more unusual sea products.

Sea Products That Look Pretty There are lots of unusual items that come from the sea and are popular with people just because they look pretty. Precious stones and…

Five Tips to Make a Road Trip More Fun

Does your family take a vacation together? If you do, you’re not alone. Two out of every five grown-ups is planning to take their family on vacation this year. Half of those families will make their trips by car.

That’s probably because driving is cheaper than flying. It’s also slower. Spending hours in a car can get boring, but there are plenty of ways to make a road trip more fun. Try these tips to make sure your next vacation is great, even when you’re stuck in the back seat.

1. Bring Something to Read You can pack a few…

Exploring Africa Through Food

Foods in Africa vary widely, thanks to the many different cultures that call this continent home. While rice and porridge are commonly found in many African dishes, others use a variety of spices and seasonings that are native to the region or adopted from other parts of the world. You can learn quite a bit about African cultures by studying the types of foods people eat on a regular basis.

Northern Africa

The northern part of Africa is mainly known for couscous, a type of pasta made from semolina. People in this region typically add meat and vegetables to…