MOMS: A Secret Recipe For Meditation (And The Trick To Fitting It Into Your Daily Routine!)

We know as a parent your days are adventures in and of themselves!  There are days when you wonder how you will ever find the time to breathe, let alone take time out to meditate or allow yourself the space you need to come back to a state of balance.

For this week, we are taking a moment to look at the simplest and most powerful tool of meditation that will not only let you breathe but empower you right back into a place of blissful control.

When you implement this simple tool into your daily routine, you…

Moms: How To Avoid Overwhelm In The New Year With One Essential Secret Recipe


For all the moms out there who are settling down from the holidays and feeling a sense of overwhelm when it comes to gathering up the remnants of a busy holiday, the year ahead can seem completely daunting and overwhelming for what you want to accomplish for your children, your family and yourself.  Well, take a deep breath and say “Thank you world!” because we have the one essential secret recipe that will alleviate your sense of overwhelm right in the moment.

The secret ingredient is one you know, deep down, to be the answer, but our minds tend…

Imaginative, Kid-Friendly Holiday DIY Projects


Spartan and his friends are great at using their imagination in different ways. Katie is especially good at art. She is able to use her imagination to create the images that she thinks of. We see this when she draws the rocket for the team to envision in order to contact Egg. Arts and crafts projects are great ways to allow your kids to use their imagination in creative and productive ways. The holiday season seems to lend itself to fun and creative projects that you and your children can do together. With the New Year on…