Road Trips With Kids


Getting to your destination safely and quickly means well-behaved passengers are a must, but young kids rarely travel according to plan. Even if you plan to take a leisurely, scenic route with plenty of stops along the way, backseat boredom is always looming. When your focus needs to be on the road, some pre-trip planning can help minimize distractions while making the drive a more positive experience for your youngest travelers.

If your child or children struggle to stay happy, comfortable, and quiet on the road, these five…

Discover The Magic Of Iceland

With unique architecture, rugged coastlines, hot springs, mountains, fjords, volcanoes, lagoons, icebergs, glaciers, geysers, the Northern Lights, and waterfalls, Iceland is truly one of the most amazingly beautiful and extreme countries on earth. A Nordic island nation in Europe, Iceland has a vast Viking history and is known as a thrilling destination for explorers everywhere.

“I have fantasies of going to Iceland, never to return.” – Edward Gorey

Unbelievable Sights

Hofskirkja Church in Iceland is “the most recent grass-roofed church to have been built. Originally constructed in 1884, the roof stretches from its pointed top…

Set Your Sights On Sweden


Sweden is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. Give it some consideration when choosing your next travel destination!

Sweden is a European country located on the Scandinavian Peninsula, next to Norway. Located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea, Sweden is known for its many coastal islands, lakes, rivers, moose, and Swedish meatballs. When we think of Sweden, we think of herring, Viking and Nordic culture, sleek and efficient interior design, and impressive educational institutions. Did you know that Sweden’s residents have an exceptionally high quality of life compared to the rest of the…