Who Is Spartan? Three Reasons Your Child Needs To Become His Friend!

Spartan, the main character in the Spartan And The Green Egg book series, has some skills that your child who loves adventure can benefit from. His uncanny ability to lead his group of friends in a generous, loving way makes him the perfect example for your child to hone their own leadership skills after.

Here are Spartan’s three main leadership attributes your child can hook onto and establish for life within the books and by joining the Explorer’s Club:

1. Conservatively Curious

Spartan has a love for adventure, and dreams about creating new places to explore with his…

Increase Your Child’s Sense Of Community Through Books: Three Action Steps To Take Now!

If your child has a natural passion for adventure and community, there are several ways to hone that spark to fuel their sense of community and leadership through the books they read. Exposing them to stories that both ignite their imaginations and teach them about practical world issues around them are incredible ways to instill a new found confidence and creative energy that can stay with them for a lifetime.

In order to further their experience and give them the space to explore the ideas and skills they learn from the books they’re reading, there are three helpful…

Three Ways To Ignite Your Child’s Sense Of Adventure Without Leaving Your Home

If your children have a natural sense of adventure that you want to nurture, but you can’t find enough time in the day to satisfy their need to travel the neighborhood in pursuit of long-lost treasures those pirates left thousands of years ago, we have just the remedy to keep their minds moving in the right direction.

Here are three simple steps for satisfying their urges without having to leave your home, the Spartan way!

1. Give them the challenge of learning what it takes to visit an area of the world they have never heard of