MOMS: A New Way To Communicate With Your Active Child (And Make Them Take A Pause!)

Moms, we know that you have been practicing your daily meditations, working on how to slow down a bit and take a moment or two for yourself during the day.  But what about your beloved child, who is action-oriented and ready for adventure at every moment of the day?  We have the PERFECT recipe for communicating with your child in a new way that will have them feeling loved, empowered, and make them take that pause you have been hoping they would take!

Your child has something to do, say and show every moment of the…

MOMS: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Present For Your Adventurous Child! (And A FREE Gift To Go Along With It)

Moms, we know that Valentine’s Day at school can be exciting and filled with love notes, chocolate and those special Valentine’s Day boxes your child spends time crafting to reflect his or her unique and special personality.  We also know that as a day that symbolizes love, there is no better way to express your love through the act of gifting, especially when that gift shows you put extra thought into it for your child’s one-of-a-kind persona.

So to help you with that, we have our VERY SPECIAL Spartan And The Green Egg egg-shaped puzzle with…

MOMS: A Secret Recipe For Meditation (And The Trick To Fitting It Into Your Daily Routine!)

We know as a parent your days are adventures in and of themselves!  There are days when you wonder how you will ever find the time to breathe, let alone take time out to meditate or allow yourself the space you need to come back to a state of balance.

For this week, we are taking a moment to look at the simplest and most powerful tool of meditation that will not only let you breathe but empower you right back into a place of blissful control.

When you implement this simple tool into your daily routine, you…