Spartan & The Green Egg: The Poachers of Tiger Mountain

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In The Poachers of Tiger Mountain, Book 4, Spartan and friends travel to the Kingdom of Bhutan in Himalaya, home to some of the tallest mountains in the world. The travellers arrive at a village hosting a lively archery tournament as part of a Bhutanese festival. They make new friends quickly, join the feast and watch the performance.

Soon the group discovers that poachers have killed off many of the tigers that used to thrive in Bhutan, and now only two cubs remain. They face their most challenging mission yet: to save man-eating tigers from armed poachers amidst freezing weather conditions.

Using a few extra-terrestrial tools and assistance from their new Bhutanese friends, the group embarks on a dangerous mission. Will they arrive too late to save the tiger cubs?

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