How Child Wall Climbing Develops Better Writers


Does it sound such a far fetched idea? How can climbing walls make your child better at writing?

Dear moms, you have to remember that the muscles a writer needs to develop apart from his or her “brain muscles” are those of the hands. In order to write anything (on paper, sans electronic items!), you have to be able to learn how to grab and hold pens properly and confidently. Developing our children’s psychomotor skills in writing does not have to be limited to holding pens and crayons and asking them to draw or copy letters on sheets of paper.

Take your children to a leisure park where they have walls or crates, which they can climb. While our kids try to go up the wall or up one crate to the next, their psychomotor skills are gradually strengthened. As they get a tighter grip on things, so to speak, their hands are able to appreciate the task of manual writing.

Because of climbing, our children will have more improved psychomotor skills, which will then make them more confident in writing letters and words on a sheet of paper; all because they are able to hold pens properly.

And, who knows, the next Shakespeare or Austen might just be your own child!


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