Easy Recipes Your Children Can Get Involved With

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As your children are growing up, one of the best things you can do to help increase their abilities is to get them involved in various activities that promote learning new skills. One such skill that will be necessary for them all their life is cooking! While at a young age your child won’t be on their own in the kitchen preparing a 5 star meal, they can start to help you with basic meals that will help teach them basic cooking skills. Next time you’re in the kitchen, try one of these simple recipes and ask for your child to help out!

First off, a simple breakfast dish you can enlist your child’s help with is one everyone will love- pancakes! While you will want to be in charge of handling the cooking process of the pancakes, a great job for your child to take over is the mixing of the ingredients. Pick your favorite pancake recipe and have them help with gathering the ingredients and measuring what you need of each. This will help introduce them to not only cooking, but also figuring out measurements!

For a fun lunch or dinner idea- try making hamburger sliders! With these, kids can help again with measuring out ingredients for the hamburgers, but they can also help form the hamburgers into the right shapes- something your kids will definitely love! For a healthy version of this dish, try this recipe for mini turkey burgers.

Finally, for the sweet tooth in all of us, try making homemade pudding with your children! The majority of the process involves mixing ingredients together, which again is something simple that your kids can help you with. Here’s a great easy recipe for chocolate pudding that is guaranteed to be a hit in any household.

As always- don’t forget to also increase your child’s reading abilities- introduce them to the Spartan and the Green Egg series today! Click here to view available books in the series.


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