Moms: A New Way Of Embracing The Moment (and One Essential Action You Will Love To Hear!)

mom embracing the moment

Moms, now that  you have been practicing the art of breathing, meditation, and taking loving action without disrupting your daily routine, it’s now time for the final step in your new approach to your life and your child’s: Embracing The Moment.

As you move forward into the rest of the year, you have the chance to continue this practice in all you do. But when you get caught up in life’s unexpected challenges or feel you haven’t been able to practice enough, this week’s lesson will help nip those negative feelings in the bud. It goes like this:

The moment you begin to feel like you may not make it past this moment, stop right there, and embrace the moment with all you have.  The idea that there is something outside of this moment, right now, is an illusion, and one that tends to overcome us when we are rushed into having the handle too many things at one time. Stop in this moment, do exactly what you need to do, and then take your first deep breath and carry on again with your practice.

Your child will respond to this as well, and we think you will be surprised at how many loving hands step in to help you that you could have never imagined.

Wondering if it’s true?  Let us know by practicing for this week and telling us what you see in the comments section below this post!




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