Moms: Finding Time For A Break (and How This Will Help Your Child Respect You More!)


In Week 6 of our 7-Week New Year’s Challenge, we are looking at ways in which you can take all the work you have done to stop, pause, breathe, listen and take loving action to let it manifest in your daily routines until it becomes a habit.  The best way to do this is to now find time within your day to take a deliberate break from everything, and make absolutely no apologies for doing so.

When you take action in ways that is truly good for you and serves your highest self, regardless of what that may be, everyone around you will be unable to do anything else than respect you for it, even and most especially your children.  Children sense power, regardless of where it is coming from.  When they see that power coming from a place of strength and authenticity within you, they will grow in respect and honor for you and your decisions.

When Spartan makes the choice to go with Egg to a far away land he has never visited before, he makes his decision based on his instincts, and his friends choose to follow because they know he is making a choice based on genuine faith and trust.  His story offers such an important lesson for children to model, and when they are able to see that kind of choice coming from you as well they will automatically gain a deeper self-trust for listening to their instincts.

So for this week, we ask  you to practice the following:

Choose a time in your day when you know you will most likely want and need a break, but don’t normally take one.  Figure out a way to take one, pencil that time slot into your calendar along with what exactly you will do during that time (sit quietly, visit your favorite store, buy yourself a wonderful drink from your favorite coffee shop).  When the time arises, let your child know that you are now taking a break, and if they are with you that you’d like them to help you honor that time by practicing this time out with you.  Perhaps give them a Spartan book and let them take their time reading through the story once again.

Watch what happens, and let us know in the comments section below! We are confident you will find great insights, great release and a renewed sense of self!


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