Is Your Adventurous Child More Than A Handful? Three Essential Steps Every Mom Can Take To Hone Their Passion!

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Every child has a natural sense of adventure. As soon as your child learns how to walk they begin to explore the world around them in many ways, using all of their senses and depths of imagination.  Yet there are some children whose natural sense of adventure supersedes even your wildest imagination, creating games, imaginary friends and foreign lands within the terrain of their 100 square foot bedroom!  This special and active yearning for adventure may have you wondering how in the world you will be able to keep up with their adventurous needs!

Fear not: there are three specific actions you can take right now in order to feed your child’s incredibly strong imagination while making life at home the serene haven you intend it to be!

1. Encourage Your Child To Focus Their Imagination On A Specific Project

Allowing your child to use their own mind to create exciting adventures for a specific purpose can allow them to go wild without needing to pull attention away from anyone else. This can be done while you are both out and about or in your own home.  In Spartan & The Green Egg, Spartan and his friends use the power of their minds to meet The Egg and go on an adventure to the Amazon. Using this story as the focal point let your child imagine that they are an explorer looking for specific items wherever you go (the ones on your grocery list, for example!). If you’re stuck in the house on a rainy day make a blanket fort with your child and let their imagination come up with their own adventure. The overall idea of showing your child the power of imagination is what matters most.

2. Anchor Your Child With New Information

As Spartan and his friends go on their adventures Max brings up important educational facts, like the tidbit about plants being used to make medicine. If you help your child gain knowledge during every day activities you can make every adventure a learning experience. For instance, while out at the park or beach have your child look for different kinds of leaves or shells. Once you collect a few different ones you can help your child learn why they are different and what purpose they serve. You can also do this by examining different bugs or flowers in a garden. Doing this acts as an anchor so they can channel their energy into focused topics that make them excited about new facts rather than searching for something to clear their impending boredom.

3. Help Your Child Keep an Open Mind

Even though Spartan and his friends go on a fun adventure to the Amazon, Tor remains skeptical about the whole process. He questions the general existence of aliens based on the sole fact that he’s never seen one. He only agrees to try out Spartan’s experiment when he is convinced by Katie and Spartan to stay open to the idea of aliens’ existence. Tor questioning information isn’t the issue here; it is the fact that he initially dismisses the notion of aliens’ existence altogether before listening to any information. As moms, you can teach your children to stay open to new ideas. This will help their sense of adventure by showing them that there are ideas other than the ones in their own mind. This is also essential when your child is playing with other children as they will all have different thoughts on their shared adventure.

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