Moms: How To Avoid Overwhelm In The New Year With One Essential Secret Recipe


1GB USB flash drive with book 1 (epub & mobi) preloaded.

1GB USB flash drive with book 1 (epub & mobi) preloaded.

For all the moms out there who are settling down from the holidays and feeling a sense of overwhelm when it comes to gathering up the remnants of a busy holiday, the year ahead can seem completely daunting and overwhelming for what you want to accomplish for your children, your family and yourself.  Well, take a deep breath and say “Thank you world!” because we have the one essential secret recipe that will alleviate your sense of overwhelm right in the moment.

The secret ingredient is one you know, deep down, to be the answer, but our minds tend to block it out with the everyday stresses of life.  That ingredient is this simple truth: you are enough.  Sound too simple?  Think about this: there is essentially nothing outside of this very moment we are in right now.  The skill the most successful people in the world know and use on a daily basis is they know how to plan something, then trust the plan and move through it, moment to moment.  If something goes awry along the way they move through it as best and as quickly as they can and reflect later upon how they can plan differently next time.  This is ironically the exact lesson The Egg teaches the kids in the Spartan And The Green Egg series, and one your kids can practice along with you through each book.

In working with that sense of deep self-confidence and self-trust, successful people know in each moment that what they are doing for the time being is enough.  This is the same for every single mom who is committed to making her family life the best it can possibly be.  So take the below recipe with you and let us know what happens when you implement it into your life daily:

How To Avoid Overwhelm:

1. Three Deep Breaths

2. One minute of eyes closed, letting your mind pause

3. Repeat these words to yourself 10 times in a row: I Am Enough.

Studies show it takes seven weeks to form a new habit.  We challenge you to make this a habit for the next seven weeks, and let us know what happens as a result.  We have a feeling you will feel more in control, more at ease and begin making fantastic choices as a result.  But let’s see if we’re right by leaving your results in the comment section below!

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