Moms: A New Action Step For You To Chew On (and Let Your Child Teach You How!)


So now that you have your daily meditations down and have been practicing them within your daily routines, along with taking those deep breaths and letting yourself listen to the pauses when your child talks, we want to give you one more incredible tool that will give your mind a new way to chew on all that information it is taking in and wanting to process.

We know you don’t ever want to go back to the old way of feeling like you’re in a state of overwhelm, so we want you to take this next step as seriously as the others.  This will likely come as a welcome surprise so we are excited to share it with you:

We want you to practice contemplating your thoughts (and let your child teach you how!!).

Have you ever watched your child stop to contemplate something?  They are learning at such a rapid speed on a daily basis and sometimes they have to stop for a moment and go into deep thought to take in and process something.  This may be something they’ve just realized from a moment ago or two weeks ago that they are just now understanding.

Our very own Max has this practice down better than any of the others, and if your child can relate to him then you have the perfect teacher to observe and learn from.

The beauty of contemplation is that it is a tool for how we all learn, we just tend to forget that as adults and expect way too much of ourselves without giving ourselves a chance to process new information.  But once we start to practice that kind of interruption within our daily routines, we can break that pattern in a heartbeat, just like your child does.

So for the next week, we want you to listen to your instincts and each time you get the urge to chew on something you hear that is new, take a moment to contemplate that to yourself, regardless of where you are or who you’re around.  Take this private moment seriously, and if you’re with your child you can let them know that you need a moment to take in what they’ve just said to you.  We promise this kind of mental time-out will not only give you moment to rejuvenate your mind but will allow your nervous system to relax and energize you to carry on with whatever activity you’re in the middle of.

Wondering if it’s true?  Let us know by practicing for this week and telling us what you see in the comments section below this post!


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