China Pin Set #1

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Region: East Asia
Country: People's Republic of China

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Great Wall of China: Great Wall of China Stretching 13,000 miles from east to west the Great Wall of China is one of the most inspiring and impressive manmade structures in the world. Its series of connecting walls and structures, made of various types of materials (brick, packed dirt, stone, and wood) the wall was originally built over 2000 years ago. The Emperor of China had the wall constructed as protection against outside enemies that lived in the mountains surrounding China. Try saying something from this country: “Hello, where is the Great Wall?” “Nǐ hǎo, chángchéng zài nǎlǐ?”

Danxia Landform: The Danxia Landform is actually several different landscapes scattered throughout China that combine to make one solid location. The areas are easy to identify because of the red color and all of the steep cliffs. The rocks are made out of a red sandstone, which historians believe to be over eighty million years old. The rocky formations were shaped by lakes and streams that once flowed in the area many centuries ago.

Flag: The People’s Republic of China is represented by a red flag with a large yellow star and four smaller yellow stars. While there are several interpretations as to the meaning of the colors, red is most commonly thought to stand for the communist revolution. The stars are believed to stand for the Communist Party of China leadership and unity of the people.

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