China Pin Set #2

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Hanging Coffins of the Bo People: The Bo People from Southern China use Hanging Coffins to preserve the deceased. The Bo people leave these coffins hanging over the edges of the nearby cliffs in the region. They believe that the deceased souls will forever be blessed if they are hung in coffins, and their remains will be kept safe from any wild animals. The natives refer to the coffins as Xuanguan.

Red Beach: The Red Beach is part of Panjin, China. It is filled with a special plant known as the Chenopodiaceae. The plant is easy to identify because it has a unique shade of pale red. When it blooms, the red shade deepens. The Red Beach is the largest wetland as well as the largest reed marsh in all of the world. The shallow seas are filled with red grass which sticks out above the water.

Flag: China The People’s Republic of China is represented by a red flag with a large yellow star and four smaller yellow stars. While there are several interpretations as to the meaning of the colors, red is most commonly thought to stand for the communist revolution. The stars are believed to stand for the Communist Party of China leadership and unity of the people.

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