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Region: Europe
Country: Italy
Closest body of water: Atlantic Ocean
Languages: Italian

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The Colosseum in Rome is one of the largest amphitheaters ever built in human history, stretching across six acres. At the time, it was one of the most sophisticated buildings ever constructed. The colosseum was famously used to host gladiatorial fights. Over the years, the Colosseum has been worn away by natural disasters, but it is still an icon of Imperial Rome. Try saying something from this country:   “Hello, where is the colosseum?” “Geia sas, poú eínai to Kolossaío?”

Welcome to the world of explorers, adventurers, and green eggs! Think Adventure with these exclusive and collectible Spartan & the Green Egg Pins, highlighting many of the exciting places featured in the popular children’s adventure series. Declare your adventurous spirit by wearing pins on backpacks, scarves, and anywhere your journey takes you. Each collectible pin is made of durable jeweler class metal, and has a SGE yellow rubber clutch back. Think Adventure!

Pin size: 1.25”

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