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Cuba Pin Set #1

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Cuba is most well known for having gorgeous sandy beaches and producing high quality adult products, such as fine rum and cigars. The Caribbean island has a very rich culture, and is filled with many great clubs and cabarets. Due to political reasons, Cuba has mostly been cut off from travelers and tourists, giving the island a mysterious allure.

The Republic of Cuba is a sovereign state, meaning that it doesn’t belong to any county. Cuba is south of Florida and rests in the northern part of the Caribbean. Cuba is known for many unique exports, such as sugar, tobacco, and coffee. Famous writer Ernest Hemingway frequently wrote about Cuba. Because of the government, it is very difficult to travel to Cuba, which makes it feel even more unique and special.

The flag of Cuba was adopted in 1902. Three blue stripes run horizontally and stand for the three older divisions of Cuba while the two white stripes are symbolic for strength. The red triangle represents freedom, fraternity, and blood shed during the struggle for independence. A white star in the red field stands for freedom of the people of Cuba.

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