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Ethiopia Pin Set #1

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The Rock-Hewn Churches in Lalibel refer to eleven different cave churches made during medieval times. Historians estimate the churches to be from the thirteenth century. The temples are carved into the very earth itself, making it a very unique temple of worship. The area is sometimes referred to as New Jerusalem.

Dallol is a famous volcanic crater which can be found in the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia. Dallol was created by magma heating the earth causing phreatic eruptions. The crater is surrounded by salt flats, which have smaller volcanic craters as well. Dallol is known for the many hot springs in the area, which expel an acidic type of liquid. This gives the nearby water a greenish tint.

Ethiopia’s national flag was adopted in 1996. The colors green, yellow, and red are traditional and represent land, hope and peace, and strength. An emblem of a pentagram in yellow with five rays extending from it is meant to display the equality, diversity, and unity of the people while the blue background stands for peace.

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