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Himalaya (8)

Continent: Asia
Country: Bhutan, India, Nepal, China and Pakistan
Closest body of water: Indus River, Ganga River, Yamuna River, Brahmaputra River and Spiti River
Official /Primary Languages: Estimated roughly 600 languages

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Bhutan is a country in South Asia that is entirely enclosed by land or “landlocked.” It is located on the southern slope of the eastern Himalayan Mountains. The Kingdom of Bhutan has a very unique landscape: it is subtropical in the south and mountainous in the north. Some of the Himalayan peaks in northern Bhutan reach around twenty-three thousand feet! There are many extraordinary animals that live in Bhutan: in the southern region, there is the Bengali tiger, clouded leopard and sloth bear. There are many forested regions filled with fruit-bearing trees and bamboo and this is a habitat for the Himalayan black bear and red panda. This kingdom is fascinating because of its varying landscape and vast population of different animals.

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