Japan Pin Set #1

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Kyoto:  Kyoto is the former capital of Japan. The city has a rich history and is filled with many ancient temples and shrines, as well as beautiful parks and gardens. There are over one thousand years worth of Japanese culture and history in the city of Kyoto. The city is most well-known for the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. The grove is a giant forest made up of huge stalks of bamboo.

The Yonaguni Monument: The Yonaguni Monument is located in the Ryuku Islands, which are part of Japan. They are also sometimes referred to as the Yonaguni Submarine Ruins. The monument is made up of rocks that sunk from the coast of the Yonaguni island. The monument has become a popular diving spot because it is home to many hammerhead sharks. Historians believe that the sandstone and mudrocks which make up the ruins are over twenty million years old.

Flag: Since it was adopted in 1870, Japan’s flag has remained the same. Its official designation is the Nisshōki which is Japanese for “sun marked flag”. The very name Japan means land of the rising sun. The red sun is not only symbolic for Japan but also ties in with Japanese mythology.

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