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Kingdom of Bhutan (8)

Continent: Asia
Country: Bhutan, India, Nepal, People's Republic of China, and Pakistan
Closest body of water: Indus River, Ganga River, Yamuna River, Brahmaputra River and Spiti River
Official /Primary Languages: Estimated roughly 600 languages

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Tucked up under the great arms of the ancient Himalaya mountains in Southern Asia, the Kingdom of Bhutan also enjoys a subtropical climate. While exploring the mountains nearby (some which are as tall as 23,000 feet!) you would find the home of the Bengal Tiger, the sloth, and the ever cute, red panda. From trees dripping with fruit, to the towering forests of bamboo, the Kingdom of Bhutan offers the explorer many exciting sights, sounds, tastes, and aromas. Try saying something from this country: “I hope you are well today.” “mujhe aasha hai ki aap achchhee tarah se aaj kar rahe hain”

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