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Lebanon Pin Set #1

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Baalbek is a town in Lebanon that is home to some of the best-preserved ruins from the Roman empire. It contains one of the largest Roman temples, the temple of Bacchus. Many consider the town to be sacred because of the spiritual significance that it had to the roman people. Some of the Roman gods that were worshiped include Jupiter, Venus, and Bacchus himself.

Faraya is a well-known village that is located in Lebanon. Many travelers visit Faraya in the winter because they enjoy all of the ski resorts in the area. Visitors that don’t like to ski can enjoy the cable car rides that go over the breathtaking mountains. Faraya is also home to many different rivers. During the warmer seasons, travelers can spend one day sking, and then spend the next swimming in the sea.

Lebanon Flag: In 1943, Lebanon adopted their national flag which is also their ensign flag. The green cedar in the center is known as the Lebanon Cedar and is their national emblem. The white stripe stands for both snow and peace while the red stripes are for the blood spilled in the fight against invaders.

UPC-A: 040232268939