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Test your knowledge of the world with Spartan’s matching game! Test your Explorer’s memory and see who can get the most matches of some of the world’s most interesting places. From Antarctica to Zimbabwe, test your recall as you match exciting places, planets, and oceans. For more fun, race against the clock, or play with a friend! The player with the most matches wins. Enjoy the fast-paced action of the Spartan & the Green Egg Matching Game while learning more about the fabulous planet we live on.

For 2 or more players. The objective is to collect the most pairs of cards. Lay the square cards face down in rows. The first player turns over any two cards (one at a time), trying to make a match. If they successfully match a pair, they keep that pair and get another turn. When a player turns over two cards that do not match, those cards are turned face down again in the same position, and it becomes the next player’s turn. The player with the most pairs at the end of the game wins!

Game contains 60 cards.

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