Philippines pin set #1
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Philippines Pin Set #1

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Flag – Philippines. Adopted in 1898, the Philippines flag is both the national flag and ensign. The colors represent peace (white), blood shed for freedom (red), and patriotism (blue). The three small stars stand for the main regions of the Philippines, the sun for independence, and the rays for the provinces that led to the Philippine uprising.

Island Tours, Philippines. Nestled like a jewel in the west Pacific Ocean, the Philippines offers many island tours, including the most famous island of Boracay. Boracay was voted best island in the world, and thousands of people go there for the soft white sand beaches, incredible sunsets, and stunning blue waters. The temperature on these islands never falls below 68 °F (20C). Each year the Asian Games Centennial Festival is held on Boracay.

Chocolate Hills: Bohol, Philippines.The Chocolate Hills are an expansive set of hills located within the Bohol province, which is part of the Philippines. Over one thousand hills are part of the Chocolate Hills, and they spread out over an area of roughly twenty miles. Normally, the hills are covered in vibrant green grass. During dry seasons, the grass withers and takes on a dark brown color, which is how they earned the name Chocolate Hills.

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