Spartan & the Green Egg Hardcover Graphic Novel Set

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Spartan & the Green Egg Hardcover Graphic Novel Set of Six Books

By Nabila Khashoggi
Illustrated by Manuel Cadag

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Go on an exhilarating journey with Spartan & the Green Egg Adventure Series graphic novel set! Join Spartan, his brave friends, and their trusty canine companion, Grimm, as they venture across the universe in pursuit of knowledge and discovery with Egg, an alien from another planet.


Book 1: A Trip to the Rainforest
Book 2: The Reefs of Mindoro Island
Book 3: Adventure at Wadi Allaqi
Book 4: The Poachers of Tiger Mountain
Book 5: Land of the Midnight Sun
Book 6: The Hives of Calabria

  • Engaging storyline spanning six captivating graphic novels.
  • Diverse cast of characters, each with their unique strengths and quirks.
  • Fascinating interstellar adventures filled with mystery, excitement, and exploration.
  • Vibrant illustrations that bring the fantastical world of Spartan & the Green Egg to life.
  • Ignites children’s imaginations and curiosity about the vast wonders of the universe.
  • Promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills through thrilling escapades.
  • Encourages teamwork and friendship as Spartan and his companions tackle challenges together.
  • Inspires a love for learning by seamlessly blending science fiction with educational themes.

Immerse yourself in the Spartan & the Green Egg Adventure Series today and fuel your child’s passion for discovery!

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