Spartan & the Green Egg Paperback Chapter Book Set

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Spartan & the Green Egg Paperback Chapter Book Set of Six Books

By Nabila Khashoggi
Illustrated by Manuel Cadag


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Go on an exciting literary journey tailored for early readers with the Spartan & the Green Egg Adventure Series chapter books set! Dive into the captivating world of Spartan, his spirited companions, and their loyal canine sidekick, Grimm, as they venture across the universe in pursuit of knowledge and discovery with Egg, an alien from another planet.


Book 1: A Trip to the Rainforest
Book 2: The Reefs of Mindoro Island
Book 3: Adventure at Wadi Allaqi
Book 4: The Poachers of Tiger Mountain
Book 5: Land of the Midnight Sun
Book 6: The Hives of Calabria


  • Six thrilling chapter books, perfect for young readers transitioning to longer narratives.
  • Accessible language and engaging storytelling crafted specifically for early literacy development.
  • Illustrations interspersed throughout each book to enhance comprehension and captivate young imaginations.
  • Delightful characters and imaginative settings that spark curiosity and ignite a love for reading.


  • Encourages independent reading and boosts confidence as young readers tackle longer texts.
  • Fosters a sense of adventure and exploration through the imaginative world of Spartan & the Green Egg.
  • Promotes vocabulary development and comprehension skills in a fun and immersive way.
  • Inspires a lifelong love for books and learning by providing an exciting reading experience.
  • Colorful pull-out maps for each country visited.

Introduce your young reader to the wonders of Spartan & the Green Egg Adventure Series with this captivating chapter book set!

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