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Taihang Mountains – Linzhou, China (241)

Continent: Asia
Country: China
Closest body of water: Yangtze River
Official /Primary Languages: Mandarin

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Taihang Mountains, which is located in Northern China, covers a range of 250 miles (400 km) and rises 4900 to 6,600 ft (1500 to 2000 meters) high. The mountain hosts a 28 kilometers railway tunnel called Taihang Tunnel as well as the world’s scariest staircase. Taihang Mountains Spiral Staircase, which is 300 ft tall, can only be climbed by visitors younger than 60 years old and who have nerves of steel. Try saying something from this place: “Thank you” “Xièxie”.

UPC-A: 040232397080


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