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Turkey Pin Set #1

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Pamukkale is a city in Turkey with great historical significance. During the Roman era, the city was called Hierapolis and was well known for being a spa city. Pamukkale was built in the ruins of that ancient city. It is filled with luxurious springs all throughout the city. Many of the springs flow directly along staircases that are carved into the stone.

Istanbul has had many different names throughout history, such as Constantinople and Byzantium. It has the highest population out of all the cities in Turkey. Because of that, it is Turkey’s economic center, as well as having a very rich history. Historians believe that the city was established as far back as 7 BC. Istanbul has one of the oldest and largest market spaces known as the Grand Bazaar.

The national flag of Turkey was adopted in 1936. The white crescent and star are taken from the flag of the Ottoman Empire. These symbols and the red field are traditional representations of Islam. The Turkish flag is often referred to as al bayrak which means the red flag.

UPC-A: 040232288234