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London : London is the capital city of England. It is made up of two different older cities, the original city of London and the city of Westminster. Both of the cities joined together to make an area known as Greater London. The city of Westminster contains the central UK government offices, including parliament. It is also home to Big Ben, the Elizabeth Tower, and the Palace of Westminster.

Stonehenge : Stonehenge is one of the oldest prehistoric monuments in all the world. It can be found in Wiltshire, England. The name comes from the giant upended stones in the ground. Archeologists believe the ruins date back to sometime between three thousand or two thousand BC. Historians believe that it was originally used as a burial mound during ancient times.

Flag : The Union Jack has been the national flag of the United Kingdom since 1801. The red cross represents Wales and England, the white diagonal cross Scotland, and the red diagonal cross Ireland. The red diagonal cross originally depicted all of Ireland, but later stood only for Northern Ireland.

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