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Region: Northern America
Country: United States of America

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Antelope Canyon:  Antelope Canyon is part of Navajo land in the southwestern section of the United States. It has many sandstone canyons and unique arches made out of spiraling rocks. Antelope Canyon was created by erosion, which split it into two separate canyons. Tourists primarily visit the top canyon since it doesn’t require climbing, and it has very good lighting.

Georgia Guidestones: The Georgia Guidestones are a monument created out of granite in the 1980’s. The massive granite structure is inscribed with written instructions from eight modern languages. It also contains many languages from other ancient languages. The purpose of the Georgia Guidestones is to help humanity rebuild if something catastrophic ever happens. The Guidestones are located in Elbert County, Georgia.

Flag: Originally adopted in 1777, the flag of the USA was modified in 1960 with 50 stars to represent all 50 states. The red and white stripes stand for the original thirteen colonies declaring independence from Britain. This flag is also called Old Glory, The Star-Spangled Banner, and The Stars and Stripes.

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