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Manhattan: Of all the five great boroughs in New York City, Manhattan has the largest population. Manhattan is considered one of the most diverse places in the world, which gives it a rich cultural history. It is one of the most important economic hotspots in all of the world, featuring many different businesses and real estate.

Graceland: Graceland was initially a residential home to celebrity Elvis Presley, but later on it was turned into a historic place and landmark. It is a mansion that sits on many acres located in Memphis, Tennessee. After the White House, Graceland is the most visited private home in America and it currently serves as a museum.

Flag: Originally adopted in 1777, the flag of the USA was modified in 1960 with 50 stars to represent all 50 states. The red and white stripes stand for the original thirteen colonies declaring independence from Britain. This flag is also called Old Glory, The Star-Spangled Banner, and The Stars and Stripes.

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