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Winchester Mystery House: The Winchester Mystery House is a beautiful, sprawling mansion in San Jose, California that was once the home of Sarah Winchester (the widow of Winchester rifle magnate, William Wirt Winchester). This enormous house is now a tourist attraction because of its stunning architecture and lack of style (it doesn’t have any specific style). Legend has it that a fortune teller told Sarah Winchester to move from New Haven, Connecticut out west to California where she could build a home big enough for all the spirits of those who died from Winchester rifles to live.

Mendenhall Ice Caves: Mendenhall Ice Caves are strategic points along the 12-mile stretch of the Mendenhall Glacier located in Juneau. Visitors can view stages of water cycle in the Mendenhall Ice Caves which harbors blue ceilings where it is possible to see water running in the rocks. The caves exist inside the glacier and curious visitors are required to kayak and climb over the glacier before they can experience the magic of the ice caves. Try saying something from this place: “Happy holiday” “Kamgan Ukudigaa”.

USA Flag Originally adopted in 1777, the flag of the USA was modified in 1960 with 50 stars to represent all 50 states. The red and white stripes stand for the original thirteen colonies declaring independence from Britain. This flag is also called Old Glory, The Star-Spangled Banner, and The Stars and Stripes.

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