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The Correct Way to Recycle

It’s no secret that recycling is good for the planet. Recycling is turning trash into something else. When trash is turned into something else, it keeps that new item from being made from scratch. That helps save the Earth’s resources. But what is the best way to recycle? That can be a hard question to answer. All recycling is good, but the more recycling you can do, the better.

Some materials are recyclable. Others aren’t. There are also some that you have to recycle in special ways or special places. Learning the correct way to recycle can help you do your part to save the planet. Here are some things you need to know before you start recycling.

Recycling Versus Reusing and Reducing
When you hear the word “recycle,” you might also hear “reuse” or “reduce” at the same time. Reducing means that you use fewer new things. Every time a new thing is made, it uses energy and resources. It takes time to replace those resources. There are lots of ways to reduce, like:

  • Buy used items you need instead of new ones.
  • Share items that you only need sometimes with friends or family members instead of getting your own.
  • Have your parents help you fix broken or torn things, like shirts. Then you can buy less of them.
  • Tell your parents to buy items for around the house in bulk. It saves money and reduces waste. They won’t have to throw out a lot of packaging materials all the time that way.

Reusing is exactly what it sounds like. It means you need to make sure as many items in your house as possible are reusable. Sometimes you can reuse the same item for the same purpose many times. Other times you can reuse the item in different ways. A water bottle is a good example of both because you could refill it with drinking water. You could also fill it with juice or another drink. When you’re done drinking out of it, you can use it to water plants, too.

Using a Recycle Bin

Recycling is really important, especially in areas where dumps or landfills are filling up fast. Most town leaders want to do anything they can to reduce the amount of trash that is thrown out. That is why many neighborhoods have curbside recycling. If yours does, it means you can put items in a recycling bin. The bin gets picked up on certain days each month. Curbside recycling protects the planet. Usually, any item with a triangle-shaped recycling symbol on it can go in your bin. Some other items often can also, but some companies have different rules. No matter what, items like these can never go in a recycling bin:

  • Batteries
  • TVs and Large Electronic Devices
  • Cellphones and Small Electronic Devices
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Plastic Grocery Bags

Where Else You Can Recycle
A home recycling bin isn’t the only place to recycle. You can also visit your local recycling center if you have one. If not, your town dump may have certain days when they let you drop off items to
recycle. Your parents may have to pay to go on those days since there are usually charges for recycling items like appliances on those days. Another place you can often recycle is at a store that sells electronics, like TVs. A lot of those stores let you bring in broken items to dispose of them safely. Some also take dead batteries. Some makers of batteries also let you mail back dead batteries for recycling.

There are always opportunities to recycle, either officially or unofficially. For example, you can use items around the house for art projects if you want. You can also find people that need the things you want to get rid of. To find official recycling events, check your local paper and message boards to see when the next ones in your town are.

Doing Your Part for the Planet
There is a good feeling that comes from recycling and reusing items. You can know you are doing your part to protect Earth for yourself and all the people in the future. Recycling keeps the air and oceans cleaner. It also helps ensure resources won’t run out. That is why you can be proud of yourself whenever you recycle.

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